Frequently Asked Questions

About Neuropharmagen®

Neuropharmagen is a test that evaluates the genetic profile of a patient suffering from depression, ADHD or any other psychiatric disorders, in such a way as to make a detailed conclusion for the attending physician, as well as a list of recommendations for the most optimal treatment and dosage appropriate for a particular patient, depending on their genetics.

Unlike other tests, Neuropharmagen is not just a genetic test, but a whole platform of precision medicine, to which the attending physician can add data about the patient's medical history (other medications, diseases and lifestyle) in such a way that all this information, brought together, will serve the attending physician in the selection of the treatment course with the highest probability of success, the safest and with minimal adverse effects that certain medications can give.

In addition, it is a unique genetic test that has a scientific basis, with confirmation in randomized clinical trials conducted in major medical research institutes in Spain and published in reputable scientific journals.

Neuropharmagen was developed for patients suffering from depression or who have been diagnosed with ADHD. In addition, it can be useful for patients with psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

If your relative is such a patient or you have been diagnosed with any of the listed diagnoses and prescribed treatment that does not help you, there are many side effects or you believe that there are no improvements, Neuropharmagen can help you choose an alternative treatment plan that is better suited to you according to your genetic profile.

How does Neuropharmagen work?

For the test, we will need a sample of the patient's DNA. To do this, we send the attending physician a Neuropharmagen kit, which includes a device for taking a sample with instructions attached.

Taking a sample is very easy and painless, you just need to take a gum smear using a device from the Neuropharmagen kit.

The saliva sample remains inside the sampling device and can be stored at ambient temperature until a courier picks it up and delivers it to our laboratories for analysis.

We will arrange the delivery of the sample ourselves, this will be handled by Neuropharmagen specialists. This process is completely free for the patient.

In this case, we are talking about taking a gum smear, which is an absolutely painless procedure, and from this sample we will get your DNA.

The results of the Neuropharmagen test shall arrive not later than 25 business days from the date of sending the smear sample by courier.

After receiving a request from your doctor, we will contact them by email to register on our platform and give them the opportunity to directly receive a conclusion with the results.

The results extract is a medical document that must be examined by a medical specialist, because only they have the right to change your treatment plan.

If your attending pgysician has no experience using Neuropharmagen, we can offer them a genetics consultation service from among our team of geneticists. We can also contact colleagues from our database to consult with a psychiatrist on the experience of using genetic tests and thereby get another conclusion

How to order Neuropharmagen

Your attending physician can order Neuropharmagen directly on this website by clicking the "make an order" button at the top of the page.

If your doctor needs help in making a purchase, they can contact us for information by filling out and sending the contact form by e-mail to or by calling toll-free +7-800-250-69-55.

If your attending physician changes, the new physician only needs to inform us and we will give them access to the Neuropharmagen extract.

The Neuropharmagen® CORE test includes information on 62 psychoactive drugs based on the analysis of more than 60 polymorphisms present in 25 different genes, in addition to the analysis of the MTHFR gene associated with folic acid metabolism. The cost of the test can be clarified with our official partner in Russia – Innave LLC

The cost of the test includes sending a kit with a device for taking a sample, receiving and delivering a sample, conducting laboratory analysis, compiling a pharmacogenetic certificate, access to the personalized medicine platform to your attending physician and consulting a genetics specialist if necessary.

For patients diagnosed with ADHD, you can choose a specialized pharmacogenetic test for this condition. Such a test analyzes the drugs to be used specifically for ADHD (5 drugs in total) with the analysis of 3 specific genes associated with predisposition and concomitant diseases.

Neuropharmagen Combo® contains information from two tests in one record with the results, which is the most complete. This test is indicated for those patients who would like to have all available information about various pathologies, based on information about 62 psychoactive drugs and analysis of more than 60 polymorphisms present in 25 different genes, analysis of the MTHFR gene associated with folic acid metabolism, as well as three specific genes associated with a predisposition to ADHD and risk of concomitant diseases.

I have already ordered Neuropharmagen

You will receive the kit at the specified address in 5 business days at the latest.

The kit contains clear instructions on how to take a sample. It is very important to follow all the recommendations to get a high-quality sample of your DNA.

If a sample was taken in violation of the instructions, and a low-quality sample comes to the laboratory, we will not be able to analyze the sample, and we will need to send the kit again to take a sample again.

For more information, see in this video

If you are a healthcare professional, you need to send an email to or call us toll-free at +7-800-250-69-55 to arrange sample delivery.

As soon as the results are ready, you will receive an email, you will need to go to the section get results / access for patients on the website and enter username and password.

The username will be the sample code that starts with NFGES, and the password will be the order date.