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Legal Disclaimer

Site and its Contents Ownership
You are on the site www.neurofarmagen.es owned by AB-BIOTICS, S.A., Taxpayer ID No. A63497473, tax address: Edificio Eureka – Campus UAB 08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona)
This Legal Disclaimer governs the access and use of the site www.neurofarmagen.es, which is provided free of charge by AB-BIOTICS, S.A. for Internet users. Visiting this site means unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Moreover, the use of certain services offered on this site is subject to special conditions provided for each service.

Exemption from liability
AB-BIOTICS, S.A. warns that the materials and information contained on this site are published solely for informational purposes, and therefore are not sufficient for making decisions or making opinions on specific cases. AB-BIOTICS, S.A. does not assume any responsibility for damages and violations due to or in connection with the use of the mentioned information
The user is obliged to take into account that the materials contained on this site may not reflect the most up-to-date information published by AB-BIOTICS, S.A. Also, these materials may be changed, supplemented or updated without prior notice.

AB-BIOTICS, S.A. is not responsible for errors or omissions that may distort the content of this site or other information that users can access through this site; also, the company does not assume any responsibilities and does not guarantee the verification and control of the content and information on this website.
Links on this site may lead the user to other sites and pages belonging to third parties, which AB-BIOTICS, S.A. does not control in any way. AB-BIOTICS, S.A. is not responsible for the content or for the status of the mentioned sites and pages on the Internet, and visiting them from this site in no way means that AB-BIOTICS, S.A. recommends or approves their content.
The user of this site assumes the costs and risks associated with the use of the site. By opening this website, the User agrees to use it in full compliance with the laws and regulations on traffic volume, and will be liable to AB-BIOTICS, S.A. and/or third parties for any damage and violations that may be caused as a result of non-compliance with this obligation.
AB-BIOTICS, S.A. is not responsible for damage resulting from the use of this site, nor for any actions performed with the database that are provided on this site.

The author of this site is also not responsible for information or other damage that may be caused to the user accessing the content of this site. In this regard, AB-BIOTICS, S.A. does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other malicious elements that can cause damage or make changes to the information system, electronic documents or files of the user of this site. As a result, AB-BIOTICS, S.A. is not responsible for damage and violations that may be caused by malicious elements to the user or third parties.

All usage rights reserved.
This website is governed by Spanish law and is protected by national and international intellectual and industrial property laws.
The intellectual property rights in respect of all information contained on this website, graphic design, pictures, logos, images, pointers and source code in HTML or JavaScript belong to AB-BIOTICS, S.A., with the exception of content that is the property of third parties, which the user can access via hyperlinks.
All industrial and intellectual property rights in relation to this site are protected by law, and access to it or its use by users should in no way be considered the transfer of any licenses for use or rights to any asset, the ownership or ownership rights to which belong to AB-BIOTICS, S.A. or the relevant legal authors.
Reproduction, copying, distribution, reworking, sharing and any other actions, which may be committed with the information contained on this site, as well as with its design, selection and display form of materials added to this site, whatever the purpose of such actions and the method of their implementation, are prohibited without the express permission of AB-BIOTICS, S.A. or the corresponding legal author.
The user of the site must in any case refrain from suppressing, modifying, circumventing or deceiving any protective devices or security systems that may be installed on the site.

Privacy Policy
For the purposes stipulated by the Constitutional Law on the Protection of Personal Data, AB-BIOTICS, S.A. informs the user about the existence of an automated database of personal data created by AB-BIOTICS, S.A., which is maintained under its responsibility for the purpose of processing and managing relations with the applicants of information requests or users of this site, who applied through electronic forms on this website or emails. The mentioned database is registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

The data that you provide to AB-BIOTICS, S.A. is used to process your request, provide you with the requested information and/or services and offer new services.

User Consent
Sending data using electronic forms on this website or e-mail messages presupposes the sender’s consent to the automated processing of data entered into the specified means of communication. Each of these forms contains a corresponding legal disclaimer regarding data protection. Each user is obliged to carefully read the disclaimer and give their consent before sending their personal data.
The data will not be transferred to third parties. The user guarantees that the personal data transferred to AB-BIOTICS, S.A. are valid, and the user themselves is responsible for reporting any changes to their data.
With the exception of the fields that clearly state otherwise, the transfer of the necessary information about personal data is voluntary, while the refusal to provide such information will not affect the quality or scope of the services you are applying for. Failure to fill in the fields marked as mandatory or specifying incorrect data will make it impossible for AB-BIOTICS, S.A. to provide the requested services, process your order or transmit the requested information.

In addition, the user agrees that their personal data will be entered into the databases of AB-BIOTICS, S.A. in order to send up-to-date information about new products and services related to AB-BIOTICS, S.A. AB-BIOTICS, S.A. guarantees you the confidentiality of your personal data and assures that under no circumstances will they be transferred to third-party enterprises unrelated to our company.

Access rights, corrections, deletions and challenges
You can exercise your right to access, correct, delete and challenge the processing of your personal data in accordance with the terms and conditions provided for in the Constitutional Law on Personal Data Protection.

For your convenience, you can exercise the above rights by contacting AB-BIOTICS, S.A. at Parc de Recerca UAB-Campus UAB Edificio Eureka-Despacho P2M1, C.P. 08193 CERDANYOLA DEL VALLES (BARCELONA), and also by writing to our email: info@ab-biotics.com

AB-BIOTICS, S.A. provides the levels of security and protection of your data in accordance with Royal Decree 1720/2007 dated December 21, which approved the Regulations for the Implementation of the Constitutional Law on the Protection of Personal Data. AB-BIOTICS, S.A. has installed all the technical means available to it in order to prevent loss, unauthorized use, modification, unauthorized access and theft of the data provided by you through the site, with the caveat that the security means on the Internet are not absolutely reliable.
If you have doubts or do not agree with our data privacy policy, you can contact us by contacting AB-BIOTICS, S.A. at Parc de Recerca UAB-Campus UAB Edificio Eureka-Despacho P2M1, C.P. 08193 CERDANYOLA DEL VALLES (BARCELONA), and also by writing to our email address: info@ab-biotics.com