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Privacy Policy


AB-BIOTICS, S.A. guarantees complete confidentiality of the Neuropharmagen analysis. The samples will be processed in encrypted form. Encryption of samples means that at no time will the laboratory have personal information about the patient, but only an identification code that will allow the attending physician to link the sample with your medical record. USE AND PURPOSE OF NEUROPHARMAGEN

The Neuropharmagen test is specially designed for use by specialists. The information given by the test serves as a means of prescribing treatment to the patient, which relates only and exclusively to the competence of the doctor who issued the referral for the test. The Neuropharmagen pharmacogenetic test is not and in no case can be considered by the attending physician as a substitute for their direct work, nor medical observations necessary in any treatment of patients, and should always be considered in the context of the general clinical picture, medical records and previously performed treatment for the patient. AB-BIOTICS DATA PRIVACY POLICY

In compliance with the Constitutional Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data dated December 13, be informed that the personal data provided to us through the website http://www.ab-biotics.com, will be processed confidentially and entered into automated databases owned by AB-BIOTICS, S.A., which are duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (www.agpd.es).

In accordance with the regulations currently in force in the field of data protection, as well as on public information services and electronic trading platforms, the user agrees that the data provided through this site will be entered into databases owned by AB-BIOTICS, S.A., in order to simplify the provision of the requested services and the preliminary distribution of information about promotions, new products, services or for other reasons, based on which the COMPANY needs to contact the user/client.

The User guarantees that the information provided to AB-BIOTICS, S.A. when filling in the fields in the form on the website is valid, accurate and complete, and undertakes to report any changes in such information. If the user provides invalid, inaccurate or incomplete data, or the COMPANY has sufficient grounds to believe that such information is invalid, inaccurate or incomplete, the Company will have the right to delete such information.

The transfer of personal data via an electronic form on the website or, in appropriate cases, by e-mail, implies the sender’s unequivocal consent to the automated processing of data entered into the specified means of communication, services and products in connection with the purposes of the website, as well as the transmission of messages with relevant information by e-mail, telephone, through short message systems mms, sms or any other current or future means of communication.

Consent for advertising purposes: You agree and expressly authorize AB-BIOTICS, S.A. to process your personal data in order to include your data in advertising campaigns conducted by AB-BIOTICS, S.A. and, ultimately, you agree to the mailing of commercial messages through any means, whether electronic (telephone, fax, e-mail, SMS, MMS, etc.) or non-electronic (ordinary mail, etc.), such means of communication not being limited to those listed, provided, that the purpose of the mailing list is to maintain the existing relationship between the client and AB-BIOTICS, S.A., as well as to perform the tasks of informing and other activities providing the provision of services.

In any case, AB-BIOTICS, S.A. will maintain confidentiality and fulfill the obligation to keep confidential the collected personal data and the contents of its databases in accordance with the provisions of current regulations in the field of personal data protection. Regardless of the above, the COMPANY has the right, in appropriate cases, to provide users’ personal data to other enterprises belonging to the common group for the same purposes that were specified for the collection of personal data by the COMPANY in connection with its respective products and services. Guaranteeing confidentiality in all cases during automated processing of personal data and applying the provisions of this Personal Data Protection Policy.

AB-BIOTICS, S.A. reserves the right to make changes to its privacy policy in accordance with its criteria or in case of changes in legislation, law enforcement or business practice.

If AB-BIOTICS, S.A. makes any changes, the new text will be published on the same website, where the user will be able to get acquainted with the current version of the privacy policy http://www.ab-biotics.com.

The person concerned can exercise their rights of access, correction, deletion and challenge by sending a registered letter or a similar dispatch with confirmation of receipt to AB-BIOTICS, S.A. at Avinguda de la Torre Blanca, 57, 08172 Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona (Avinguda de la Torre Blanca, 57, 08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona), or also by e-mail info@ab-biotics.com. The request must contain the name and surname of the person concerned, a copy of the identity card, and, where appropriate, the person it represents, as well as documents confirming the right of representation, a request for the subject of the request, the address for notifications, the date and signature of the requester, as well as documents supporting the formulated request. If the request does not contain the specified information, you will need to correct it. Regarding the right of access, it will be denied only if the request was submitted by a person other than the affected person. In order to exercise such rights, satisfaction of any counterclaims will not be required.